Accidentally Kissed Someone with a Cold Sore? This Is What Should You Do

When it comes to cold sores, you should learn to differentiate between the facts and myths. If you have been around people who suffer from cold sores it is important for you to understand that this disease is contagious. That is why kissing a person suffering from cold sores means that you can catch the disease as well. If you have accidently made the mistake here are some of the ways you can use to protect yourself from the problem.

One kiss is a pretty low risk

If it is your first time kissing a person with cold sores and you have never been exposed to the disease before it means that chances of developing the problem are lower. You are in the safe zone which means that you can clean your mouth properly and assure that you will not make the same mistake again. Remember that once you have been exposed to cold sores the virus resides in your body as well and can cause the disease any time. That is why you have to be extra careful to assure that you will not have to suffer from the problem.

Clean your mouth properly

In case you have been exposed to the virus various time and you have made the mistake of missing someone it is better that you clean your mouth immediately. There are different types of antiseptic mouthwash available in the market. Make sure that you properly clean your mouth to assure that most of the viruses will be removed. After that, it is better that you wait for some time to see if the virus has affected you or not. You should get your self tested for the virus that causes cold sores to find out whether you are vulnerable to disease or not.

Take antiviral medicine after consulting a specialist

In case you are sacred and you are not satisfied with the mouthwash, it is better that you consult a specialist immediately because he might give you some antiviral drugs like Aciclovir tablets that will stop the growth of virus in your body and the chances of development of disease will be reduced. Make sure that you use the exact drug that is used to control the virus in people who are already suffering from the disease that is the only way you can assure that you will not get the disease.

It is better that you avoid kissing a person suffering from cold sores because that is the only way you can protect yourself. You should not jump in and kiss the other person without knowing that they are suffering from cold sores or not. You should know that there are many people who do not show the visible signs of cold sores but they have the virus that can be transmitted to your body. Remember that prevention is always better than cure. You should prevent yourself from cold sores before it is too late.


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