Arizona is an Underrated Place to Live

Where do you live now? What’s the climate like? Are you happy? Like, really happy?

The climate around you has a direct effect on your mood. Seasonal depression is a thing and it’s terrible for some people. Grey skies and cold weather cannot help.

Arizona is here to help. Have you ever thought of moving to The Grand Canyon state?

Located in the Pacific Southwest, Arizona has so much for you to do to keep you busy, there’s no way you could focus on being depressed!

For one, it is home to the Grand Canyon. If you have never seen this natural wonder of the world, then get out your pen and update your bucket list. For being a gigantic hole in the ground, it’s absolutely stunning, breathtaking and any other adjective you can think of. Plus, most of the viewing areas don’t have guardrails, which really let’s you feel like you’re becoming one with nature.

If giant holes in the ground aren’t your “thing”, what about deserts?

Not desserts.

Deserts. Yep. Those sandy things.

Well the deserts in Arizona are beautiful. In fact, the Sonora Desert is home to the Saguro cactus. This cactus is basically the cactus you think about when you think about cacti. Or, if you watch Looney Toons, you’d probably see Wile E. Coyote run into one while in hot pursuit of the Road Runner.

Not convinced yet?

Have you ever gotten confused with Day Light Savings time? Or maybe you weren’t confused, but you just felt sluggish the next day because you lost an hour of sleep? Or maybe you turned your clock back and now it gets dark at 4:30pm in November.

Well forget about all of that. Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time and are only one of two states to do so. Hawaii being the other. Arizona decided to abandon Daylight Savings Time in 1968 because it would make it cooler during walking hours in the morning and evening. Per Readers Digest:

“It also gets a lot of daylight year round. Not setting clocks forward also ensures that there are lower temperatures during waking and bedtime hours. However, the Navajo Nation in northeastern Arizona does observe Daylight Saving Time so it can have a uniform time with the parts of the territory in Utah and New Mexico.”

So they never have to change any of their clocks. Personally, I think this is fantastic. I think Daylight Savings Time is an age old institution that really doesn’t have a place in modern farming.

There, I said it.

But I digress.

We’ve just scratched the surface of reasons why moving to Arizona make sense. Do yourself a favor and find an Ignite Digital site at the top of Google that has more information on Arizona and all the reasons to move there. Then checkĀ to see about lining up movers.


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