DIY Home Goods Ideas That Will Save You Money

Everyone wants their home to look like Chip and JoAnna Gaines put their masterful touch on it. But the fact is, many of us do not have the “all in” budget of $150,000 to buy and renovate a new home. However, even though we may not be able to get all those sweet Magnolia Market, we can still get the HGTVish look we are going for if we keep our eyes peeled.

Look in Your Garage

It seems so simple right? Well you never know. For instance, I looked in my garage and noticed some old wood stored in the rafters from God knows when. It was left there by previous owners. I got out the ladder and pulled down the boards and they had originally been painted and turned out to be naturally distressed! With these boards I made us a beautiful (if I do say so myself) coffee table similar to one that cost over $350! Seriously. Go look in your garage. I’ll wait.

On-line Market Place

Facebook has their marketplace which is usually flooded with people either selling home goods they made (shop small!) or trying to give away items that could be repurposed. This is a good place to look for wood pallets too. Craigslist has similar items but you should not be without OfferUp and Let Go. These two apps can and will find you the deal of the century on a consistent basis. I know one mans trash is another mans treasure, but it is so real when it comes to these apps.

Build It!

You can just build it. Sounds simple because it is. Build it and beat the heck out of it. Make it look old and distressed. With the right combination of beating a creation with a chain and painting it with chalk paint and then some light sanding, you can make some really beautiful furniture that will look like it retails for over $500!

So while watching HGTV and yearning for the designs you see, just keep in mind that taking a little bit of time on Google can net you almost the same results!

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