Let’s Go To Bora Bora

Everyone has heard of Bora Bora, but be honest, if I asked you to point it out on a map, could you? Before writing this, I would have guess somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, south of Hawaii, but north of American Samoa. I was close. It’s south of Hawaii, but due east of American Samoa.

Looking at pictures of Bora Bora on Google is a good way to waste a half hour without knowing it. The place is absolutely stunning and looks like everyone’s traditional take on “paradise”. While many have heard of Bora Bora, I’m sure most thought it would be just too expensive to actually go and visit. One thing you can do to alievate the cost of luxury vacations is to plan accordingly for your later years. Estate planning in Ohio¬†can offer advice on how to make your latter years some of the best of your life!

Travel¬†to Bora Bora will probably be your biggest expense, depending on where you are coming from. From Midwest United States, it’s a haul. About 13 hours worth of a haul, not including layovers. You’d be stopping in Los Angeles, more than likely, before heading to Tahiti where you would hop a smaller plane to fly you to Bora Bora. Needless to say, you may want to head to French Polynesia for more than a weekend getaway.

You know those island huts that look like they’re just floating on the water? Yeah, like the picture above. You can stay there. Of course, it’s more expensive than a run of the mill hotel on Bora Bora, but you’re making the trip there, you might as well go big, right? The Four Season Bora Bora has these amenities and more. Have a look at the pictures. Any one them could be a post card.

After a little searching, I’ve found that I can package a flight and my stay at The Four Season Bora Bora for just over $12,500 per person if I want to leave as soon as two weeks. I’m sure that price will go down if I can plan a trip a couple months out, but it’s nice to know you can get the experience of lifetime for under $20,000. If you can live with subpar amenities — 4 star ratings gasp! — then you can travel to, and enjoy, Bora Bora for under $10,000.



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