Trivia Game Apps Are Taking Over The Mobile World

Everyone loves a challenge. Everyone loves to win something. With the amount of time we all spend on our mobile devices, it’s no wonder we are seeing the rise of the trivia game apps. There are some that are modeled after the famous TV brands like Jeopardy. Some modeled after classic board games like Trivial Pursuit. And then there are some that are made for mass social media game play. Which are the best trivia game apps, though?


Trivia HQ has taken over. This social media inspired trivia app does live contests twice a day. They have a host and it usually takes about 15 minutes. Their games consist of 12 questions that gradually get harder as they go. Contestants have 10 seconds from the time the host starts reading the question to answer. There is a counter in the top left part of the screen that shows how many people are participating and it usually goes over 1M people to start. The best part about HQ is winning money, though. However many contestants are left at the end (I’ve seen as low as 47 people), get to split the jackpot. Their jackpots are almost always $2,500, but they have special games where they can reach as high as $20,000!

Prove It

Prove it is one of the best trivia game apps we have played. You need to deposit money so you can play, but it’s worth it! Each game ranges from $1-$5(ish) and consists of a set of questions based on the topic chosen. Topics range from celebrities to sports and even Game of Thrones. You are timed and you get a score based on your answers and time. Then you are pitted against another user’s time and questions from the same game. If you are victorious, you win the game and the money! A $1 game usually nets you $1.80. So there is a little juice going to the app developer, but you can still bank pretty quickly…if you’re smart.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack won’t win you any money, but it will sharpen your skills! Plus they have an option to play against yourself. So you can just try to beat your high score constantly and you don’t have to wait for the other player to finish their turn before you get to go again. They have a wide variety of topics and a deep question bank. This would be the perfect app to have out at a dinner party or something to get everyone involved and have a good time.

What are your suggestions for the best trivia game apps?

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